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    My Moderator Application Empty My Moderator Application

    Post by Xeta on Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:31 pm

    Name: Brandon
    Spot you want: Sectional Moderator

    Why should we pick you: Because, I have a great vocabulary and I know the difference from right and wrong. Also, I like to read almost every post, so I can pretty much moderate every section, if I find a bad post, it could be taken care of with a simple Private Message. Also, I am a very responsible person that has a great attitude.

    Do you have any experience: Yes, I am Administrator at Artisticview101.com. Also, I was asked to be a moderator at otfans.net.

    Anything more we should know: I am also a coder, I can script in Java, C++, PhP, Shockwave and LUA. Also, I am a pretty good Graphic Artist.


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