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    Post by Angel on Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:55 am

    Hey guys wonder who is on the hall of fame?Well here is is the hall of fame!

    Top Poster (Non-Staff)= "Woot!?"
    I will be making something for top poster soon...

    Contest Winners:

    1st place:
    Hall Of Fame! Rvk045

    2nd place:
    Hall Of Fame! 1z2m9a9

    3rd place:
    Hall Of Fame! 261ytk2
    You get these trophies with your name on it when you win a contest.
    Warning if you put one of trophies in your signature and you did not win a contest you will be banned for a day...Now if you take it and put your name on it you will be banned for 1 day too...more high scores will come out Very Happy


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